Who are we?


We are a professional

engineering team

Each of our colleagues has a mechanical engineering background and has been practically involved in mechanical engineering since his student days. That is why we can safely say that in the field of CNC metal turning and CNC milling we offer both professional services and a precise approach to every single order. The complexity of our services is important to us; this means that we can assist you from the preparation of the production documentation to the production itself. Of course, modern technological procedures or final surface treatment of metal parts are a matter of course.

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Competitive features, you ask?

Our clients especially appreciate when working with us:

ForTech Steel - about us


in the field of engineering processes

Although we are a smaller engineering company in terms of the number of employees, we provide comprehensive services. We don’t just provide one phase of production, we bring production to a successful conclusion. We are also engaged in reverse engineering and thus also help those clients who need additional and high-quality design solutions for their products.

ForTech Steel - about us


engineering production

Within the scope of our cooperation, small series production of metal and plastic components and parts will also be an advantage for you. It is interesting for us to produce even one piece, because we want to help you with your production processes as best as we can. Even for complicated parts, where it is necessary to alternate between engineering methods and machining technology, we will offer you a solution.

ForTech Steel - about us


with CNC technology

Our colleagues have been involved in the engineering sector since their student days. So we are not talking about just trained employees, but about employees who really understand engineering solutions, know how to operate the machines perfectly, set them up, understand the individual procedures, can model the project even in the case of missing documentation or problems with the supplied documentation.

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